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Innovation Breeds ResultsInnovation Breeds Results

We keep exciting consumers with one great product innovation after another. How? We use a systematic approach that creates a long and solid pipeline of appealing products, which are based on clear insights into consumer needs.

Innovation has to focus where it delivers results and it has to be sustainable. So we work hard to construct a full pipeline of bigger and more sustainable new products to deliver consistent strong net revenue growth. Like Air Wick Freshmatic. Three years ago, it created a brand new segment in Air Care of automatic sprays. Consumers loved it. It gave them more controllable and better freshness than they ever had before. Now it’s in 70 countries, owns 26% of the global Air Care market and is still growing, everywhere. Encouraged by the consumer response, we developed Air Wick Freshmatic Mini, a triumph of miniaturisation, that delivers on the same powerful insight of constant and better freshness. From the early consumer feedback it looks as though it will thrive on top of Freshmatic’s continued growth.

These new products are far from alone. Vanish Oxi Action Multi with Colour Protect builds on the Vanish promise by reassuring consumers that it works on any stain, fabric or colour at any temperature. Finish Quantum delivers not just the unbeatable clean consumers have come to expect, but also delivers visibly better shine.

Recently we launched Nurofen Express, a product that targets pain ‘twice as fast’ because it gets absorbed much faster into the blood stream than generic ibuprofen products. It is our systematic, insight-driven approach to innovation that helps consumers in their everyday lives and drives Reckitt Benckiser’s net revenue growth to levels which are consistently above the industry average.

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